Heidi Bacon

As an artist I try to capture the personality of my subject whether it be
human or animal, or in the case of a landscape, create a scene that
draws the viewer into the painting.
I have focused on painting, but I also love to draw and have sculpted,
designed/painted furniture, painted murals, faux and tromp l’oeil work,
painted on glass, worked with fiber arts, theatrical backdrops (the
largest being 18 ft. tall and 50 ft. long).
Although I have primarily worked with photographs that I have taken or
have permission to use, I am working more and more with live models
and using photography as a tool to work on the details.
My hope is to leave the viewer with a smile on their face. Most recently I
have been working on a painting of a cow that visitors to
my studio love. I have heard “I know that cow!” more than once.
Many times when I have been consigned to paint a portrait for a client
from a photograph, I feel a “connection” to the subject that can create
emotions in me that sometimes bring me to tears. The reward for me,
then, is to have that client tell me that I have “captured their
personality”--that is the payoff for me.
Published: Country Living Magazine, The Artist Catalogue
Featured artist on Minnesota Public Television series "Let's Go, Minnesota!" summer, 2020

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