Ivette Cabrera

Ivette Cabrera is a Nicaraguan born artist currently residing in Wynwood Miami, Florida. Using a magnifying glass, archival ink, graphite and red marker on paper her artwork is influenced by architecture and women of various cultures with headdresses on. The works shine light on different roles of women within societies alluring to their status and power. Ivette’s work has been exhibited in The Baker Museum in Naples Florida and is part of numerous private collections.
After studying Interior Architecture & Design at Academy of Art University, Ivette worked on numerous interior renovation projects. She was commissioned in Nicaragua to design a house with a Spanish architectural style. The design included arched doorways, an interior courtyard and design elements such as sculpted window moldings in the traditional Granada Colonial style that was brought to the country during the Spanish Conquest of the 1500’s. For the project construction documents coupled with specifications were provided to the client, engineer and carpenters. Ivette oversaw all building construction from the ground up until its completion in 2015. She has also worked on architectural landscape designs of Seybold Park in Miami, FL producing watercolor illustrations for the site, floor plans and concepts for the implementation of public art.
In past cultures, a crown gave worth to an individual, it indicated their wealth and power and defined their influence within that society regardless of their gender, race. I want women to question their own identity so the headdress is abstract showing that every woman wears a crown if she were only to be aware of herself and her own powerful beauty. I started a artist residency in 2012 called www.viophilia.com as a artistic sanctuary for artists to creatively work in their studio spaces.

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