Jolyn Gardner

Jolyn E. Gardner is an award winning artist and practicing attorney from Seattle. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Law and Diversity from Western Washington University and her Juris Doctorate from the University of Illinois College of Law. As a former prosecuting attorney turned professional artist, she has found a way to integrate both art and law seamlessly into her life. She has developed an arts and social justice program for teens called TEENERGY that teaches young leaders how to use their creative voice for social change. As a curator for various virtual art exhibitions, she enjoys helping emerging artists define their own artistic paths using innovative media forms. Gardner is also passionate about finding ways to artistically express the gaps in our laws through the medium of art. She serves as a Commissioner for the Washington State Arts Commission, and is an officer for the African American Leadership Forum of Greater Seattle. She loves finding inspiration for her art while traveling internationally throughout the African Diaspora.

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