Kanwal Zafar

Kanwal's art is about the energy of colours, rhythmic flow of paints and the reverberation created through brush strokes.
She loves to give her paintings a feel that they are not a lifeless two-dimensional piece of beauty to adorn any space, but a Living Breathing Soul of an Artist that is resonating at its unique frequency!

Her Abstracts have developed seriousness with acute sense of colour. The Unseen Realm is a major concern throughout her work where she tries to explore the pulsation of forms.

Kanwal's current work is a continuation of the research that she began in 2017, which involves understanding the secrets of the universe in terms of Energy, Frequency and Vibration in visual forms and now she is taking it to the next level by exploring how this concept threads into everyday life and at the heart of understanding the physical world around us.

Her expression allows her to see with her heart that she cannot see with her physical eyes. It enables her to perceive beyond the tangible to extract the infinite out of the finite. Thus it is the emancipation of the heart and an exploration into the unknown areas.

Her abstracts have been shortlisted for the National Award, Finalist of International Awards, Winner of International Art Prizes, Curated for Art Fairs & Artist Residencies in various countries. She is extensively been exhibiting around the world, mostly in Europe and her artworks have been greatly appreciated by notable Art Galleries & Art Dealers on social Media as well as her paintings are publishing online and in printed magazines.

Her originals are sold and held in personal collections in the USA, Portugal, Canada, France, Poland, Ireland, UAE, India, Singapore, UK, Germany, Australia & Pakistan.

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