Kaveh Kavoosi

Kaveh kavoosi was born in 1980 in Abadan-Iran.
Since early ages of adolescence, he showed great enthusiasm in art, especially painting. He began to draw professionally at the end of high school with the tutors of this field. One of the mentors he learnt a lot from was Khosrow Hassanzadeh (Iran’s contemporary artist).
2002 he entered Art and Architecture University of Yazd in order to study painting, until 2006. At the end of university studies and getting to know Dr.Keshmirshekan (one of the outstanding mentors and historians of Iran’s contemporary art, holding post P.H.D from Oxford University), being his student made Kaveh more familiar with the atmosphere of contemporary art in Iran and the world.
He was always involved with issues and problems of his society and tried to study about contemporary history of his country. His political and social concerns are reflected in his artworks.
Moreover he presented essays and speeches in various painting and creativity seminars.
Besides painting he also teaches drawing and painting, transferring his experience to fans of art.

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