Rodney Yap

To be a visual artist is to be a warrior; forging on despite the many challenges in the artfield and even personal dilemma. I am a descendant of the proud Manobo Tribe - one of the indigenous peoples groups in Mindanao, Philippines. Just like my country’s rich history of colonizers, I have Spanish and Chinese heritage. From a hybrid spirit I have the resolve and strongly believe in the universality of art— I paint to bridge continents, link cultures and foster understanding.
At the age of four, I was already drawing subjects culled from the bounties of nature. By the time I was five, I already knew that art will be my future. Throughout my formative years, I taught myself; pored over art books from the library of the school run by nuns. College at the Ford Academy of the Arts in Davao City gave me the formal education in Fine Arts –Painting.
In 2013, Dusun Magazine of Malaysia cited me as one of the Best in Asian Region artists. From 2009 to 2013 I have been a consistent winner of the Philippine Art Awards. I have been fortunate to be included in the faculty of the Philippine Women’s College Davao City Fine Arts Department. Teaching is a way for me to ensure that the next generations of artists are able to find the balance and knowledge between talent and academics.
For the years ahead, art has been and will always be my refuge. It has given me calm, peace and joy in the years that I bore the brunt of a parent's fight over alcohol. I can tell you countless stories of how it has saved my life, but I will let my art speak volumes to inspire others as it has enabled me to be a better man.
That to be is the purpose of art. We all convey a message – a calling that we all heed. As a progressive artist, I am in pursuit of the ability of art/canvas to connect with a viewer. Because art vis a vis painting is life just waiting to be seen…

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