Susan Venable

I have been working as a professional artist for 30 years. In 2001 my work was selected for the Art in Embassies Program and installed at the Ambassador’s residence in Ankara, Turkey. The exhibition was entitled “Surface and Structure” and the work was printed in a catalog with the same title.

I have installed work in over 200 public spaces, as well as private homes. A 24 minute documentary, Inventing Shadows, on my work that is embedded for viewing on the website. It also features the work that is currently available, as well as previous installations. ( I am available to travel for installation and/ or lectures on my work and screening of the film.

My work is non-objective and reductive in approach - an exploration of structure, surface, technique and materials - all working in tandem. The copper reliefs are constructed of steel grids and copper wire. The paintings are encaustic and oil on panel. The intent is to poetically articulate the structural skeleton and the surface skin - to maximize the physicality of the materials.

The materials are ancient and of the earth. Copper, representing fire and light, is one of the earliest known substances used in art. Both the steel and the copper have been chosen for their properties, both real and symbolic, of strength. The origins of my work are found in the art of ancient primitive societies where the earth’s elements and resources were paramount. In keeping with my commitment to the environment, the metals are all fabricated of recycled material. Some of the pieces include encaustic paintings. The encaustic paintings are beeswax, which is a renewable product.

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