Tasha Webster

Tasha Webster is an African American woman, an Artist, an Entrepreneur, an Inventor, and a Writer. She was fortunate to have grown up in a military family and has thus lived and studied in 9 states and 3 countries. Inspired by her families travels and the breadth of culture she has experienced over the years she has made it her life’s work to express these deeper understandings through art and business. She has a strong passion for visual arts, writing, our youth, and our most vulnerable populations impacted by systemic racism and unearthed wellness initiatives. She has earned a B.S. in Sociology and is currently working towards an Executive Master’s in Business Administration with a focus on Strategic Leadership and is also pursuing a certificate in Women’s Entrepreneurship.

Tasha has over 10 years of professional experience in the fields of social services, art and design combined and is the owner of Unboxed Brands Marketing & Innovation Hub. Through her art and entrepreneurial endeavors, she seeks to not only empower individuals to live and be their best selves but to provide new and innovative solutions to aid them along their respective journeys.

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