Lobyn Hamilton

I injured my leg, my ankle to be exact. At the time my favorite past time was djing and once the injury progressed, it became more and more clear that I would be unable to dj. Emotions were very high and I began to break up my vinyl records that I had been collecting since I was 16.

After a couple of months I went back down to my basement, back to the broken pieces of my vinyls and began to make art out of them. Then years later I would debut some of my work and have been trying to progress ever since.

My work has been seen across the country and I have been very fortunate. More recently the Indiana State Museum has added my work to their collection, something that I would never would have imagined could happen. My story is one of will power, never giving up, and achievement. It is my wish to share with people both my art as well as my spirit.


Lobyn Hamilton
Vinyl Record Artist

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