Hai Yao

My work is an investigation into the interrelationship between lines, paper and oneself. It is also considered as corresponding relationships between heaven, earth and humans. Through the study on relationship between heaven, earth and humans, I find meanings to my existence. Through the study on relationship between oneself and the materials which I use as medium in my works, embodies one's value and elevates the cognitive ability towards the world.

My works stimulate viewers to re-interpret lines that appear in different life-forms. Paper, as a medium, gives line a texture and allows it to become tangible and touchable. Paper reacts with the lines I create that generates many possible graphic results. Light source casts shadow on the tangible lines to create another type of line that can be sharp and clear or soft and blurry.

From determining a material form to participating in creation of work, there are cognition process towards the material - Paper. The visual results are most of the time unpredictable and unintentional. The process gives me enlightenment that everything including materials we use to create are all living creatures. This is also one of the important message I want to convey through my works.

I was born in Gansu, China in 1980. I now reside in Brooklyn, New York

2014 "Over the Edge: Paperworks Unbound", Williamsburg Art & Historical Center, New York

2014 4th 2014 Showcase juried winner, Artslant, United States

2011 Shanghai Art Salon, Shanghai, China

2010 "Legend of China, Yao Hai Contemporary Ink Exhibition", Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre, Hong Kong

2010 Contemporary Chinese Art Invitational Exhibition, 2010 Shanghai World Expo, Shanghai, China

2009 China (Shenzhen) International Cultural Industries Fair, China

2008 "From Flying Kites to Chasing Dreams - Yao Hai's Solo Exhibition", Avant Garde Art Gallery, Hong Kong

2006 China Youth Sculpture Invitational Exhibition, Shenzhen, China

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