Yulia Hanansen

Yulia Hanansen is a second-generation mosaic artist and has been professionally involved in mosaic making since 2001. The mission of her Mosaic Sphere Studio is to build public awareness about the quality of mosaics, and to exhibit the superb qualities of mosaic techniques. Mosaics are made for commission, or they can be purchased as ready-made pieces. Pieces include architectural installations, back-splashes, wall pieces, public and community projects.

Yulia is a recipient of numerous awards for her mosaic and printmaking artwork, including "Best in Show" prize at Mosaic Arts International, 2011.
Yulia's latest works represent her fascination with themes of nature, climate change, cosmos, and a connection of human beings to it. She is interested in depicting places and natural phenomena that are only noticeable with the help of technology. Her personal artwork uses layered glass mosaic technique, where tiles are glued on top of each other. This technique is about the infinity. Like in a brush-stroke painting, there is no end to a number of the brush-strokes that can be applied to the work surface. "Water", "Fire" and "Starscapes" series have been created in this technique. A solo show “Crater Lakes: Imaginary and Real”, done in a layered glass technique, featured images of the lakes created by the impact of asteroids onto Earth’s surface. Yulia also has a passion for more earthly subjects such as flowers, landscapes, and close-ups of nature. Her most recent show titled "Cosmic Powers Earthly Flowers" is a combination of cosmic and earthly themes.

Yulia's works have been exhibited in the galleries nationwide: New York City, Philadelphia, Chicago, Seattle, Tacoma, San Francisco, Mesa, Miami, Lake Oswego, Austin, Ann Arbor, and other locations. Work has been collected by patrons in the USA (AZ, MA, NY, CA, IL, FL, SC, VA, GA, MI, TX, WA, OH, NY, PA, NJ, OR), Canada, Russia, Lithuania, Uzbekistan, Israel, Australia, Italy, South Korea, and South Pole.

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