Arlene Friberg-Vivaldi


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Arlene Friberg-Vivaldi
About the author

Arlene Friberg-Vivaldi Artist Statement: Arlene's vision as an artist is to create work that celebrates the human experience. Primal love, unencumbered communication and appreciation for beauty in diverse forms, are the driving forces that inspire her work. Arlene's style of representational modern art, deconstructs form. Using this style, she communicates to the senses, allowing us an opportunity to reevaluate old or inaccurate perceptions. Born in New York City into a family of seven artists, Arlene's parents encouraged expression and cultural exposure, yet insisted upon university studies outside the art community. To that end, she earned a B.S. in Broadcast Communications and studied Studio Arts as a duel major at Florida State University. She continued her education to include a M.B.A. in Electronic Business from the University of Phoenix and a Graduate Certificate in Instructional Design; all of which may be found in her work. Added to these experiences is the love of travel and the appreciation of foreign cultures. Early in her career for WFSU-TV as an anchor and promotions writer, she recognized the need for clear and more positive communications to the masses. For Arlene, the power of images were overwhelming and often outlived the words used for context. This realization would later be the driving force of her art. Arlene's M.B.A. was put to work in an electronic business she founded which migrated brick-and-mortar companies online, giving competitive opportunity to small businesses. She additionally provided new opportunities for income streams. The transition between Arlene's previous life expression and her current artistic expression occurred when her parents died in 2012.She now brings imagery to the fore highlighting the good, beautiful, raw and primal. The materials her siblings and parents used, as well as her own material experimentation, converge to create truly unique and fresh experiences. Arlene's work comes in the form of sculpting using a variety of materials, painting in oils and encaustics and occasionally adding textiles which represents her mother's legacy as a seamstress. Color selections are typically warm hues both basic and blended. Arlene's artwork can be found in galleries and online.