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amy lee
About the author

amy lee was born and raised in england, yet has spent most of her adult life in new york city which she now calls home. she resides near central park with her beautiful dachshund, mac. having studied and worked professionally with some tremendous well-known talent throughout the world, being an artist has been her passion and life for over 15yrs. her portfolio is not limited, having worked on a vast variety of interior spaces, from high end residences to spas, hotels and restaurants. Currently she is developing a collection of beautifully textured paintings that integrate perfectly into any space. a simple room is a reflection of her enthusiasm for warm, minimalist sophistication, which embraces the design philosophy of wabi sabi. her creativity is almost exclusively inspired by nature, directly translating throughout her art, no matter what medium or tools she uses. the raw yet elegant, tactile nature of her work is a true expression of her soul. through a harmony of sensory cues, a simple room’s art and interior design, uncovers just the right aesthetic mix to grace any space. simply inviting...