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Brian Baity
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I am a Utah artist specializing in carving eggshells, gourds and wood. Art was my main focus in High School. While in the U.S. Air Force, stationed at Moody Air Force Base, I attended art classes at Valdosta State College. The leadership and training from my college professors gave me the foundation I use today. Four years ago I discovered the Paragraver, a high speed carving tool which is the main tool used for my creative endeavors with eggshells, gourds and other materials. I am currently developing an ongoing exhibit for emerging artists. Each presentation will be in partnership with the West Valley Arts Council and the Utah Cultural Celebration Center. The exhibit will debut early in 2011 with a Utah themed display showing pieces from many different media. I have an invitation from the National Museum of Bulgaria to present an exhibit for Easter of 2011. I am also negotiating with other countries to extend the exhibit into surrounding countries. Accomplishments: I submitted 5 pieces to the on-line egg art contest sponsored by By popular vote they were placed first through fifth place. The contest had 89 total entries and was held in 2008. In November 2008 I was invited to exhibit at the Forbes Art Gallery in New York City. Carved eggs on permanent display at the Utah Cultural Celebration Center in West Valley City, Utah and City Hall in Vermillion, South Dakota commemorating their 150th anniversary. 2008 I was placed on the Honor Role for the Inspiration and Encouragement Network sponsored by Dr. Lew Jensen of Profitable Hobbies (The Inspiration and Encouragement Network is dedicated to helping artists achieve their dreams and preserving the future of handmade items. Turning hobbies into business since 1983). Invited to exhibit at the National Museum of Bulgaria in Sofia and the Municipal Historic Museum in Velingrad, Bulgaria for Easter 2011. Commissions: In 2009 West Valley City, UT commissioned a carved ostrich eggshell to be presented to their sister city Boca del Rio in Vera Cruz, Mexico. A piece to be sold at auction from which the proceeds were donated to the Make-a-Wish Foundation. A piece to be sold at auction from which the proceeds were donated to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. More than 50 personal commissions by separate individuals Exhibits: An exhibit of more than 50 carved eggs was shown for the month of April 2009 at the Utah Cultural Celebration Center in observation of Easter. Due to popularity (more than 100 visitors a day) this show was extended through May 2009. More than 10,000 visitors attended the exhibit. By invitation, a second carved egg exhibit was shown in 2010 with over 90 pieces. Again the visitors exceeded 10,000. Participant in the Face of Utah Sculpture Exhibit 2009 and 2010. 11 piece permanent exhibit at Lan Su Yuan Chinese Garden in Portland Oregon. Awards: More than 40 first place and best of division awards at Utah carving contests and the Utah State Fair Best of State Award 2009 and 2010 for contributions to art in Utah. Items of Note: Member of the International Egg Art Guild Member of the West Valley City Arts Council International judge for carved eggs with the International Egg Art Guild.