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Bruce Biro
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I went to art school at the Cleveland Institute of Art’s unique 5-year program where I received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Drawing. While at the Institute I was awarded several scholarship awards- First place in the Student Book-Design Competition, the Clara Rust Bringham Design Scholarship and the Ranney Drawing Award Scholarship. I also was awarded a Summer Drawing Internship at the school’s foreign studies program at the Lacoste Ecole de Beaux Arts in Lacoste, France. The village was notable as having the ruins of the chateau of the Marquis de Sade above it, which was a place of pilgrimage for the artists of the Surrealist movement. While creating a body of drawing for my internship, I developed an interest in carving stone sculpture. The Sculpture Fellow, Monsieur Robert Blanc, who taught the class was approached to be in a show in Paris later in the fall, and it was suggested he include several of his students. I, along with 2 other assistants were chose. At the prospect of being in a show in Paris, I stayed as a student at the Lacoste school for the following semester despite it being the beginning of my fifth and final year at the Institute. After negotiating administrative hurdles and finalizing my stay, Monsieur Blanc withdrew from the Paris show. I spent the semester as a student in Lacoste, and then returned to the Institute and received my BFA in Drawing. I returned to Lacoste the next year as the assistant to the next Sculpture Fellow, Zoran Mojsilov, a Yugoslavian sculptor from Minneapolis, Minnesota. We established an unofficial Lacoste Ecole de Beaux Arts Sculpture Park in the abandoned limestone quarry that served as the sculpture classroom throughout the summer and early fall. My first public art sculpture was placed on a 20' ledge in the quarry. Returning to Cleveland I established a sculpture studio and began sculpting the Berea Sandstone which was the locally quarried stone of the Cleveland region. I've received assistance from Robert Rauschenberg's Change, Inc. because of a ruptured tendon under my ankle. In 2001 I had my first solo show at the Cleveland Sculpture Center. In 2003 I was juried into an artist live/work studio space in Cleveland where I maintain my current stone carving studio. In 2004 I participated in the Sculpture Center's Private Collection's show which included work from Isamu Noguchi, Mark di Suvero and Arnaldo Pomodoro from local private collections. I have placed work in shows in France, New York, Florida, Colorado, Illinois, Indiana and Pennsylvania, as well as many in Ohio. I've won several monetary awards for the stone sculpture which has been my focus since returning from Lacoste.