Connie Lane


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Connie Lane
About the author

Connie DK Lane is a mixed media artist. Her main focus is sculpture and installation, she explores fragments of the past through the technique of assemblage. Not only her work is rich in form and content , but also to create works wrought with layers of emotion, rendered through the complexity and richness of the materials. Born and raised in Hong Kong, Connie DK Lane currently lives and works in Long Beach. Having received both her BFA in Ceramics and her MFA from California State University of Long Kong, Lane has exhibited her mixed media sculptures at venues throughout the States, including University of Hawaii Art Gallery, Torrance Art Museum, Long Beach Museum of Art, the Huntington Beach Art Center, the Irvine Fine Arts Center, UCLA's Wright Gallery, Rio Hondo College Art Gallery, Coastline College Art College, the Brand Gallery, Art Cube Gallery, Rosalux Gallery, and Stone Rose Gallery. Her most recent project, "No Place Like Home" has exhibited in Cerritos College Art Gallery in which she created a sculptural installation about her memories from the environment where she grew up.