Cindi Oldham


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Cindi Oldham
About the author

My name is Cindi with two i's, and I'm a full time artist. I live and work in Western Massachusetts, and studied Fine Art at UMass Amherst. Back in the day I painted lots of landscapes, but in 2002 while on vacation in Maine, I discovered that I had a propensity for portraiture. I have been painting portraits ever since. Pushing paint around on a canvas until it looks like one particular face is a challenge, and that struggle to make a collection of features into the likeness of a real person is what makes portraiture so compelling to me. My portrait work comes in two varieties: the individual portrait, and the portrait in a series. I paint likenesses of individuals for commission, and I also paint portraits of groups of people for the purpose of exploring a particular issue. I exhibit the latter in conceptual shows. ?