Caroline Weld


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Caroline Weld
About the author

An Artist Member of the Artists Association of Nantucket, Caroline shows her landscape and still life/abstracted oil paintings on Nantucket Island. She studied Fine Art at the School for the Arts at Boston University. Not quite ready to immerse into Fine Art, she worked to receive her Master of Arts in Teaching in Chicago, moved to The Big Apple, and became an elementary school teacher in New York City for over a decade. During her time as a teacher, she extended herself into her design interests. Caroline's design sense re-immersed in her love of jewelry design. Her jewelry joined color combinations and construction, and she sold her designs at Nantucket Looms. Her color and construction sense led her back to oil painting. Caroline comes from a travelled St. Louis family that has summered and appreciated art on Nantucket since the 1940's. Through her family's travels, the enclave of Montecito in Santa Barbara and the French culture entwined with perfect Nantucket lighting are some elements that have poured inspiration into her art. Nantucket has been home since 2013. During this time, Caroline has opened herself up to see what she still has inside herself as an artist. She has embraced the local art community through workshops and talks. And, of course, becoming friends. Dog walks and Sunday drives are where she finds her composition- color combined with contrasts and textures of the landscape. “Distinctive skies, clouds and finding those special places I love are what inspire my imagination." Painting with hints of abstraction, my knowledge of drawing and letting go of that knowledge through color and form... The shapes that are shown through nature, sand dunes, wildlife on Nantucket and through travels-- landscapes through the seasons, and hints of changing color; these are important elements in my subject matter. many of the ingredients that lead my imagination to find that story with paint on canvas.” In particular, I love the colors and contrasts of Nantucket. Its rich landscapes and beaches with many secret paths provide rich material for my oil paintings. The Rainbow Fleet, Steps Beach, Miacomet, the Snowy Owls in winter, the lighthouses and cobblestone streets are many of the ingredients that lead my imagination to find that story with paint on canvas.” “In early or late afternoons Dionis is a good beach to take my dogs to run. Miacomet also inspires me with its many winding dirt roads, shadows from wind-blown trees, and wide beaches with the dunes overlooking the surf." These dirt paths, late afternoon beach strolls, sunlit landscapes, moody still lifes, and abstracted florals tell a story and invite the viewer into that world on canvas.