Erin Lareau


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Erin Lareau
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It all began with a glass slipper... "Lareau clearly thinks well outside the box. She conjures a whole world coated with tinted, translucent jewels - a world that sparkles with popular culture's ready glamour, shines with fine art's formal gravity, and winks with the knowing irony of our post-modernist moment."-- Art Critic, Peter Frank "Painting" with crystal gems, Miss Lareau transforms objects into glamorous iconic Objet de Fantasie. Her bejeweled purse made from a vintage movie camera was named the "best bag of the evening at The Academy Awards. Lareau has exhibited her dazzling work at art galleries and museums as well as the crème de la crème of shops including Tiffany. Her long list of celebrity collectors and clients includes jeweled guitars for Spinal Tap, Michael Jackson's This Is It, Orianthi and Katy Perry.