Fereshteh Setayesh


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Fereshteh Setayesh
About the author

In 1981, I entered to world of painting. At the age of 18, my very first art instructor, Aidin Aghdashlou, agreed to train me and this was the beginning of a long journey filled with ups and downs. After my first exhibition got noticed by viewers and critics and brought me a great deal of positive reviews and feedbacks, I knew that art is my destiny. In the first 16 years of my artistic career, I focused on real still-life painting with color pencil. Then slowly moved away from objectivism and changed my view toward visual art. Through changing elements in my artworks and learning about material substances and textures; I have made new compositions for my paintings. By using materials like metal, wood, glass, rope and fabric, I have created a visual expression using words made from texture, surface, layers, lines and colors. I believe everything beautiful, free, simple and surprising, stimulating human sensitivity and emotions, is an artwork. I combine unrelated elements to create an independent one, getting my audience excited by new patterns. I visualize another world like a visual story beyond this world and nature. A visual expression of what does not exist, but it should. Like a seeker child, I am always looking to see and explore new borders in my work and with every new experiment; I feel a great joy as I believe this has been my greatest teacher in life, art and specially painting. Exhibitions: Within 3 decades of artistic career, I have presented my work in 12 solo exhibitions and participated in more than 50 group exhibitions in Iran, U.A.E, Slovakia, Italy, Germany and United States. Educations: Bachelor of German Translation - 1995 Memberships: Honorary Member of Club 34 Painters Gottingen - Germany Continuous Member of Association of Iranian Painters Tehran - Iran Rino Cardone, famous Italian art critic wrote about her: "Her will to express a sense of reality through Abstract style is intimate, profound and existential." and Iranian well-known critic; Ahmad Reza Dalvand mentioned: "By looking at her artworks, the first thing we can understand is that she is experienced in drawing and the second thing is that she is a good painter too. She is not one of those painters who deceive the eye by technical introductions. With a good knowledge about numerous plastic color expressions, she could easily be a good selling painter with pretty colors. Instead, she is simply somber, bitter and sad. At a glance, although the viewer may not understand her paintings, she/he is satisfied of seeing some enriched surfaces that show an independent life full of human feelings on an art gallery hall."