Helen Lessick


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Helen Lessick
About the author

Helen Lessick is a visual and conceptual artist and creative practitioner working in the space between public place and private observation. Her artworks include sculpture, installation, performance, and site-related conceptual overlays in the form of printed brochures and pamphlets distributed in public places. She is especially interested in environmental and public art. Helen has been honored with solo museum exhibits in Bellevue, Tacoma and Reno Art Museums. She has been awarded a Pollock Krasner fellowship, funded artist’s residencies, and multiple project grants from private and municipal foundations. In 2010 she completed a permanent public art project for the city of Los Angeles, and an interactive community arts performance for San José’s, CA, ZeroOne festival. Helen works well with others. A civic arts advocate, she brings creative thinking and a broad perspective to administration and planning. She has served cultural programs in Los Angeles, Seattle, Houston, and other US cities and towns. She was a founding member of Socrates Sculpture Park, an artist-initiated effort to turn a dilapidated waterfront pier on New York’s East River into a living sculpture and community arts space. She is currently spearheading a national effort to link web-based art in public resources with academic arts and critical assessment web sites. A Philadelphia native, Helen went west to earn her BA in art from Reed College in Oregon and MFA in studio art from the University of California/Irvine. A peripatetic creative, Helen has contributed to art and artists communities in southern California, the Pacific Northwest, New York, and Europe. Her practice is currently based in Los Angeles.