Kimberley Coffee-Isaak


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Kimberley Coffee-Isaak
About the author

Aloha! I have lived in Hawaii since 1975 and am very grateful to call this special place home. I have a 26-year-old daughter who blessed me with my first grandchild in June 2014. She, Keao'olu is the new love of my life! My other passions include glass art, good food (farmers markets, cooking & eating) and being in Hawaii's most beautiful natural environment. I also devote a significant part of my emotional life and time to my family, friends and neighbors. These relationships make my life rich. In September 2014 I ended my career as a nonprofit Executive Director and launched my own company - Green Dog Projects. I am offering, as a consultant, my skills and knowledge in the areas of project, program and event planning and implementation. Currently I am working on a small business website, coordinating an awards program for MADD and writing grants for an arts organization. I also have an ongoing stained glass restoration project (28 windows!) on my studio worktable. My business model includes spending time in my glass studio. I am teaching classes, hosting workshops and working on my own projects. I have experience with stained glass restorations and private and public commissions, lamp-work (beads), small kiln projects (fused & slumped glass) and etched glass. I am also developing my interest and skills creating mosaic projects. I recently took a class in precious metal clay and rekindled my love of the soft and pliable material of clay – it’s nothing like glass. Once fired these metal clays become shiny, finely detailed and, to me, precious – just like glass! So naturally I’m exploring ways to use both. There is so much to learn about working with craft materials. The one thing I know is I love making things with my hands – it’s such a meditative and creative process and a nice balance to the rest of my work life.