Kathryn V. White


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Kathryn V. White
About the author

I’m an artist, published author, and mystical cosmonaut. My art has been described as bright, bold, dynamic, potent, playful, and expressive. People often tell me that my art makes them feel happy. My book, Rumble Tumble Joy: A Journey for Healing, Inspiration, and Wholeness, was a 2014 Wishing Shelf Book Award finalist. It includes my art and my writing. I also write life-affirming short stories for adults and children. My overall intent behind my creations is to help transform our world to be a healthier, wiser, and more joyful place to live. I love variety, color and the frosting-like consistency of acrylics as well as the infinitude of beautiful papers to create collages and mixed media pieces. I also use watercolor, ink, and other materials. I love the cosmos and I’m continually drawn to its mystery and expansiveness. As such, circles frequently find a home in my art. I’m inspired by all kinds of art and I’m particularly drawn to contemporary Australian Aboriginal art and Expressionism. Art provides me with structure for continual learning and is an important part of my spiritual practice. It gifts me with wonder (as I don’t know what will show up), expands my perspectives, challenges me to master new skills, and brings me to a state of focused awareness. It sometimes acts as an avenue for meditation. It also helps move me through dark days, depressing times, and sadness. Each artistic creation is a gift that grows me and instills meaning to my life and it is my greatest joy when others find the same.