Lindsay Hopkins-Weld


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Lindsay Hopkins-Weld
About the author

Lindsay is a Signature member of the American Society of Marine Artists and has been awarded a three month residency in Bermuda at the Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art. The other residency was a month on an island in Maine through The Heliker-LaHotan Foundation on Great Cranberry Island. She regularly shows in Star Gallery, Northeast Harbor, Maine and at Islesford Artist Gallery, Islesford ,Maine.Her most recent solo show(July 2109) was at Harmon's Market, Scarborough,Maine. She has shown her work in other galleries in Maine, New Hampshire, and in Massachusetts. Her work is in private collections all over the United States, Australia, England and in Bermuda. Her work focuses on the natural beauty of her surroundings. Living next to the Ocean, she is constantly aware of the elements. Her current work is an exploration of this environment: the interaction of land, sea and sky through the relentless cycle of the tides and the ever changing mood of the sea. She is mostly interested in conveying a sense of place and pushing the boundary between realism and abstraction. The play of extreme light and the abstract shapes that result are of particular interest.