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V-O-N-D-A artist
About the author

Artist V-O-N-D-A creates mixed-media work using a truly iconic American phenomenom;vintage paint-by-numbers. These completed or partially completed pieces are used as a starting canvas for her work. She then combines elements of collage, painting, drawing and assemblage together utilizing select new/contemporary & vintage/antique pieces and images to create a narrative. Many of the works utilize digitally altered images of locations in the United States taken from vintage postcards. Some of these images are over 75 years old and the locations may no longer exist or have been substantially altered over time. Like a snapshot in time, this work reveals the complexity of human interactions, relationships and identity. Combining new with reclaimed elements: paper, vintage postcards, photos, wood and other creating a piece layered with new meanings, she interprets and translates a symbolic/spiritual language unveiling a familiar yet mysterious world that bridges the space from the past to the present & the old/familiar to the new/unknown. This collaborative work inspired & influenced by the anonymous contributors is completed over an unknown span of time and space. Passionate about the unseen realm, she delights in bringing the invisible to the visible: revealing the unseen connections we experience but not always understand. She has been the recipient of many grants including grants from The Regional Arts & Culture Council, Change, Inc., a foundation of late artist Robert Rauchenberg and The Artists’ Fellowship, Inc in New York. She has been a selected SWAN day artist and travels internationally with a Healing HeART-Walking in your Destiny healing art program to assist orphaned/abandoned children out of trauma they have suffered. She also oversees international teams with collaborative art projects empowering and honoring local women through the recognition of National Honduran Women’s Day.