Vian Borchert presentation of artwork in “When Night Falls” exhibit at Lichtundfire, NYC.

Vian Borchert
About the author

Vian Borchert is a noted established expressionist contemporary artist, and award winning poet. V. Borchert has extensively exhibited in group and solo exhibitions within the USA and internationally. Vian is a graduate and “Notable Alumni” from the Corcoran College of Art and Design George Washington University, Washington, DC. Borchert exhibits in museums, and key galleries in major cities. Vian considers her expressionistic and abstracted art as visual poems. Vian Borchert’s art has been on exhibit in prestigious places such as Times Square – Broadway Plaza, NYC, The SAM Museum in PA, The United Nations General Assembly’s Public Lobby Gallery, NYC, The National Gallery of Fine Arts in Amman, Jordan, The National Liberty Museum in Philadelphia, “Art Basel Miami Beach” Spectrum Miami, 1stdibs Design Center in Chelsea, NYC and the LA Art Show. Borchert exhibits in world cities and in key galleries in cities such as NYC, LA, DC, London, Berlin, Valencia, Hong Kong, Miami, Tokyo and others. Borchert's artwork is acquired by art collectors worldwide. Moreover, Vian Borchert has been attributed in revolutionizing the current contemporary abstract expressionist art movement, and a number of art styles originated from her unique vision. Most notably her love for the big blue and her signature use of the color blue and lavender in her abstract paintings created new waves of abstraction in the art world. In this V. Borchert has singularly contributed immensely to the advancement of abstract art in the world. Borchert believes in the importance that artists should stay true to themselves and remain authentic. V. Borchert’s art has been featured in numerous publications such as The Washington Post, ARTPIL, The Flux Review, MOEVIR Paris Fashion & Art Magazine, Influential People Magazine, Art Reveal magazine, Voyage LA, 300 Luxury Magazine, Vie magazine, The Miami Art Scene, NPR’s Art Beat and others. Borchert has juried art exhibitions in the Washington DC area. Furthermore, Vian has extensive knowledge in art history, and she has worked in major museums such as the National Gallery of Art, and the The Phillips Collection museum in Washington DC. Vian Borchert is also an art writer and contributor to an online newspaper. Borchert is an art educator teaching fine art classes to adults in the Washington DC area at Glen Echo Park's Yellow Barn Studio. Besides having her artwork exhibited in key galleries, Borchert's paintings are available in “Artsy” and “1stDibs” which are the world’s leading marketplaces with auctions, best galleries and museums.

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