Wong Roberto


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Wong Roberto
About the author

Roberto Wong (legal name Roberto Acosta) choose his Chinese mother's maiden name as his artist last name, also call himself "Visual Thinker". Was born in Havana Cuba in 1961. Roberto's family is original from the east side of Cuba emigrated to Havana in the late fifties. Wong is graduated from "San Alejandro" Fine Art School(Havana)1981, specialized in Sculpture and drawing, Was linked to a Ceramic Atelier from 1982 to 1986 and developed an art teaching career for ten years. Arrived to USA on 1993 after a year in Colombia. Naturalized American 2002 Marry with Colombian artist Rubby Cabrera 2003 Have lived in Havana; Florida (Miami, Hollywood and Vero Beach), Maryland (Wheaton)and Colombia (Bogota, and El Valle department) Has exhibited in Havana and other Cuban Cities, along the USA East Coast from Homestead to Manhattan, also in Washington DC; Albany, New York; Phoenix Arizona; Cleveland, Ohio and overseas at Paris, France; Rome, Italy and Porto, Portugal (where personal show "D├ędalo adentro" took place in 2008) Was included in the Drawing Center of New York viewing program (2005) and in the Andrea Herrera book "Cuban artist across the diaspora" Have a Honorable Mention in Central Florida Art Show (2005) among other distinctions; his artwork are displayed in some Museums and private Collections in Havana, Miami, Chicago, and London.