Artist Statement:

I source my personal experiences from military service and warfare, emphasizing loss, the human response to combat, and the consequences of warfare. My artwork explores trauma, moral injury and the lives of victims of warfare, specifically local national civilians living in war torn areas. I do not attempt to speak for victims of these atrocities, but rather to draw attention to the costs of war.

My work relies on empathy and awareness with a strong emphasis on craft and careful selection of materials for their symbolic significance in relation to my ideas. I do not exclusively work in one material or way of working. I often work in a way to change the expectations of a material and objects as this further emphasizes the relationship of the conceptual idea to the materials. My materials explore both the emotional and psychological pathways between the objects and the ideas. My pieces are layered, and through them I intend to share unexpected viewpoints.

Heather Kaiser is a sculptor. She completed almost 11 years of active duty military service in 2018, which included deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. In addition to being published, she has exhibited work locally, nationally, and internationally. She received her Master of Art in Studio Art in 2019. She is an active artist and currently lives in the United States.
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