As each petal upon a blooming rose.
I, too, have many layers.
Seeking wisdom, gaining strength,to exceed the expectation.
in the midst of adversity, only to overcome
a flower grows, winter fades, but spring will surely come
all life is but a measure.
for now

I create art as a method of escape and as others see my work I wish for them to find a similar experience. We all have experiences some good some bad, some tough and others simple. No matter what you experience you should be able to find something that brings happiness or gives you a peaceful introspect. Through my art, in all of its variety, I wish to share my inner beauty and creative expressions. Altogether, in hopes that it can mean something to another person; a desirable emotion, provoking imagination, or simply escaping the troubles of daily life. Art is life and through each canvas I express my life, my heart, my soul, and mind.

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