John Barge III

Artist John S. Barge III, creates inspirational Works of Art in Illustration, Fine Art, Sculptures, and special Art Projects. He has re-branded himself as an Eco sustainable 'Eco-Artist,' this native of Newport News Virginia, is known as a Portrait and Sport Artist, he blends the principles of design elements of stylized realism in his newly 're-branded" Eco-Raw Sustainable Art of peculiar Edible Beverage and Recycled items, primarily of Beverages in his Art (ex. Coffee, Wine, 22 Gold Carat, Bacardi Rum, Balsamic Vinegar, Tea, etc.)

John produces Private and Public Art Commissions, Mural Arts, Portrait Art of Influential Persons in the Sport, Entertainment Industry, US and International Diplomats. His most liked are of Sports Athletes' and notable Celebrity Personalities. He primarily creates Portraits of Art of Pro Boxing's World Champions. Government, Art Buyers, and novices alike.

Of the human subjects he draws, paints, and even sculpts, is in a bust to full figurative style in mostly human as the subject matter in portraits of art as well as animal wildlife, and some abstract incorporated in a bit of an Abstract Expressionistic lose style of paint in his Studio Art and Live Art pieces which he performs ‘Live’ at Music Venues, Concerts, Wedding Receptions, Red Carpet Events, etc.

John was former Visual Arts & Performing Arts Teacher at FKCP III School (Kindergarten -12th grade) and taught elective courses which he created and worked on certified by the State of California Standards for Visual & Performing Arts. He holds several Visual Arts Advisory Art Director (Inland Conservatory for the Performing Arts) positions he travels extensively around the globe shooting independent films with an artistic Visual Communication content he is also a natural at Field Photography for Animal Wildlife and a varied subject matter as a hobby.

​Artist will currently be working on an on-going 'arts interest,' Travel Arts & Destination Series with a cadre of sport and celebrity tag-along's around the globe called "Artist Abroad©

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