Carollynn Haney

Carollynn Skeeter Haney is a self taught artist. Her renowned painting skills date back to her first opportunity at age of 5 years old to paint a Halloween themed window display for McDonald's in Tarpon Springs, FL.
Born in Fayetteville, NC but raised in Tarpon Springs, FL, Carollynn participated in 4H ( a global network of youth organizations ) in the late 70s & and early 80s. In that time she received many awards for her unique art and expressive posters.
In high school Carollynn began art classes and studied under the direction of Larry White and had continuing education at Sante Fe Community College through the mid 90s where she continued to develop new techniques for her art.
Carollynn took a position at Glamour Shots from 90 - 94 so she could continue to refine her skills as well as learn to satisfy diverse customer demands. Not only was she the go to make up artist but she began to attain a better knowledge of highlighting, shading, and photography angles. Due to the demand for production speed, she was able to learn how to meet varying customer requests. This has also helped Carollynn to develop into that unique facepainter that can add artistic expression yet differentiate between a customer looking for a high end product or one looking more for an economical yet fun experience..
In 2008, Carollynn trained at Enjoy Your Face, Inc. in Orlando, FL which allowed her to paint for Walt Disney World and Universal Studios. Then leading to prominent positions at Legoland and Busch Gardens both in Florida. While achieving high status as the go to facepainter, it was also at these new positions where Carollynn began to meet the new demand for henna as well as hair wraps. She has worked at theme parks, festivals, corporate events, and parties for different occasions for all ages for over 10 years Carollynn has never lost her knack for art and throughout the years she has produced works using a variety of substrates such as acrylic, metals, wood, molded plastic figures, natural products, and even beautiful murals. Her passion has always been to create something beautiful even when challenged to use even the most mundane of items.
Carollynns artistic philosophy is that art is an expression of passion and opinion which comes from the soul. She doesnt just see art, she feels it and her technique would be one that is constantly evolving to meet her artistic vision.
Upon making some great connections Carollynn anticipates her art being exhibited in homes, galleries, businesses and art shows. She is currently residing in the Myrtle Beach area of SC, and continues to pursue her goal of becoming a full time artist. Custom art pieces, murals, facepainting, henna, body art, or whatever opportunity to create a smile for the appreciative art enthusiast or casual onlooker alike, Carollynn looks forward to the next project.

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