Charlie Dance

My practice is oriented around the understanding of positions; of the individual, the human, or matter, and the relationships these can have; whether dictatorial, passive or as intermediary.

Ideas come from everyday acts, reading, walking, observation or nothingness, and are then captured and held down in some way. A process of development, of understanding then occurs, trying to keep hold and strengthen this hold on the idea and to crystallize, or even fossilize it. This may occur instantaneously and intuitively, or it may sit for some time, as a note in a book, an SMS, or in the back of the mind.

The development of ideas most often occurs in written form, in notebooks, whereby I try to articulate and decipher my perspective and desires with the works. The works that are then created are often formed using photography, performance, text, film or drawing.

I try constantly to keep focus on the small details, the minor, discarded or even trivial aspects; the out-of-focus. These details are of high importance in my observations and work, and are what inspires me most. Taking joy and delight in these elements keeps the work alive and flowing.

I currently live and work in Warsaw, Poland. I am originally from the UK and studied for a Bachelors Degree in Fine Art at the Glasgow School of Art and for my Masters in Fine Art at the Dutch Art Institute in the Netherlands.

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