Manon Sander

Born 1967 in West Berlin, Germany, Manon grew up in Bavaria and Berlin. Being exposed to the best of both worlds led to Manon’s appreciation not only of a metropolitan city’s cultural riches but also to her intimate connection to the outdoors of beautiful Bavaria with its lakes, mountains and quaint little villages. Her childhood days were mostly spent either drawing and painting or roaming around outside. Creating art to this day never felt like a pastime but like a necessity like breathing or eating.
After moving with her husband to Chicago in her late twenties, Manon pursued her love of painting by running a successful business painting murals which are represented in numerous private homes and stores in Illinois, Michigan, Florida and California.
Moving to Northern California in 2006 was the igniting spark to plunge herself into plein air oil painting, supplemented by studio work. Living in Marin County provided a unique opportunity to study with the best and to finally combine Manon’s love of the outdoors with the portability of oil paints to create on the spot. Oils became quickly her favorite medium, allowing her to have an ongoing communication with her subject which she prefers to paint from life.
In 2010 painting Marin’s unique variety of water, hills, incredible flora and fauna, unique structures and last but not least that almost palpable golden Californian light was replaced by all that Florida has to offer. Manon and her family moved to North Palm Beach where she soon dipped right into painting the trademarks of a tropical setting. Being a water sign she feels strongly drawn to the ocean and everything that inhabits the beach and the water.
Manon’s paintings have been exhibited in numerous exhibitions in California and Florida, have won awards and are in private collections in the US and abroad.
Manon’s passion to paint is not inspired by grandeur but rather the beauty that can be found in the small things of daily life if one just cares to looks, like people taking a walk on the beach while immersed in conversation, a juicy slice of watermelon or even a child’s favorite toy. It is when the light hits those seemingly ordinary objects just so, that they become beautiful and alive. Painting those makes Manon capture and conserve the happiness and excitement she feels when she looks at them.

Fine Arts Education
2007 – 2011
Marin Art School, Novato, CA, studying oil painting in colorist impressionist style with Dorallen Davis and Jane Heaphy.
Watercolor with Diana Bradley
Oil Painting with Camille Przewodek , Kathleen Lack and Hugh O’Neill.

2005 Ken Auster in Laguna Beach, CA
2008 Dorallen Davis, Jane Heaphy and Cedric Egeli in Cape Cod, MA
2009 Cedric Egeli in Novato, CA
2010 Jove Wang in Novato, CA
2010 Camille Przwodek in Petaluma, CA
2012 Morgan Samuel Price in Vero Beach, FL

2009 The 19th Annual Mill Valley Paint Off, Third Place
2011 “Seascapes” Art Competition, Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery ,
Special Recognition Award for “Ocean Facts”
2012 “All Women” Art Competition, Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery,
Special Recognition Award for “(Un)dressing”
2012 “Small Works, Big Ideas” juried Art Show, Unique Gallery in Jupiter, FL
Second Place for “Night In”

“Peace on Earth” Collectors’ Exhibition Book


2008 “Art on the Farm” at Point Reyes Vineyard, CA
2009 “Art on the Farm” at San Geronimo Community Center, CA
Art on the Farm” at Point Reyes Library, CA
“Art Inspired by Marin Organic Farms” at Bolinas Gallery, CA
Juried Marin Art School Student Show at Marin Veterans’ Auditorium, San Rafael, CA
2010 Bolinas Museum, CA
“D’Art for Art” at Lighthouse Art Center, Tequesta, FL
“Peace on Earth”, juried show at Lighthouse Art Center, Tequesta, FL
2011 “ArtyBras” at Lighthouse Art Center, Tequesta, FL
“Seascapes” juried art competition at Light Space & Time Online Gallery
2012 “All Women” juried art competition at Light Space & Time Online Gallery
“Small Spaces, Big Ideas”, juried show at A Unique Gallery, Jupiter, FL

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