Ray King

Ray King is a sculptor who uses the natural phenomena of light as it interacts with optics and glass as his art medium. His sculptures – inspired by geometric patterns found in nature -- dynamically interact with the sun and artificial light, projecting and reflecting light into the surrounding environment, shifting in color and transparency and changing appearance with the times of day and degrees of sunlight. King is interested in and inspired by ancient cultures’ use of light in architecture and monuments, particularly how light and mathematics were used to further understand planetary movement and the Earth’s relation to the larger universe. King brings a futuristic aesthetic to these timeless pursuits, creating high-tech, tensile structures designed and engineered using state-of-the-art 3-D modeling software, all to interact with the Sun much in the same way artists and astronomers have for thousands of years.
The primary material used in King’s work is glass which, both durable and transparent, can be laminated with refractive and reflective materials to dynamically interact with light; these include holographic films and dichroic coatings designed to bend or split light wavelengths into colors. He has vast experience creating tectonic, tensile structures made of stainless steel, tension cable, and specialty hardware. King began working with stained glass in the early 1970s. He has exhibited his work internationally since 1976, including exhibitions in Italy, Japan, England, Spain and France. Major permanent installations of his work have been commissioned throughout the United States and abroad. All are site-specific and inspired by the surrounding space and landscape to create a unique sense of place and identity.


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