Vil-Madinah Gharib

Vil-Madinah Gharib is the author and illustrator of The Book of Noble Poems and Short Stories ISBN 1-4208-7333-4. A member of the International Educational Foundation, which represents an international movement of dynamic application through modern Islamic methodology that teaches diversities through the Arts. Specializing in a Middle Eastern Style, Vil-Madinah brings the Middle East to the U.S. through her collection of Fine Arts.

As a Nai've artist, her works have been sought by Museums, Universities and private Collectors from as far as The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Dubai and Spain yet as close as Memphis Tennessee and Washington D.C. Privately own by Actors, Clergies and former President of the United States of America Ronald Reagan, her art has earned an innate right to be valued and received a dignity of high honorable rank among the Prominent.

Television Interviews on the Up Front with Oprah's best friend Ms Gail King ,to name a few outstanding both national and international ventures.
Once majoring in Nursing , Law and Theology, Vil-Madinah changed her interest to The Methodology of Islam, the studies of Arabian culture and the Arabic language. Composing poetry, short stories and painting , Ms Gharib resides in East Windsor CT where she is the founder of Madinah Fine Arts from 1984, has one of the largest private collections of Fne Arts of Religious, Middle Eastern style and is among the top international female Islamic Calligraphist in the New England.
This exclusive and unique style has generated Hundreds of Thousand of dollars from fundraisers for Religious and private organizations.
With a seven year mentorship with European artist, Vil-Madinah has moved her art form local to international. Her paintings have been on tour with European Artist Vojslov Sajic in Spain, Egypt, Pakistan, Dubai, India, Saudi Arabia in the form of prints and greeting cards throughout the world from 1984.

Four of Vil-Madinah's watercolors have been selected to be on display in a Dubai Art Gallery featuring Bedouin women. Arriving February 11,2013. Vil-Madinah has brought glamor to the world of Bedouin women through her expressions. Unable to continue her visit to Dubai, the artist has returned to Washington DC and had been commended for her positive endeavors as an Ambassador for the Arts.

Her arduous search for new techniques. Introverted and reserved, Vil-Madinah maintains an introspective and very private life.

An affiliate of the National Minority Supplier Development Council, Inc,
Ms Gharib is honored as a Registered U.S. Department of State Artist and proud to be an Ambassador of the Arts in Washington DC. In conclusion Ms. Gharib has joined The Black Dollars Count movement that is captivating the DMV area. Exchanging currency into Two dollar bills $2.00 exclusively Ms. Gharib endeavors to only utilize the two dollar bill to emphasize the finical privation in the Black community and has request paintings be purchased with the Two Dollar Bill in support of working together to advance a shared, political, social, artistic and finical labor movement.

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