Akan Udoh

This body of work gives you an insight into Akan’s mind and art concepts. He integrates traditional hand drawn art with digital wallpapers and props. In his portfolio you can see his techniques with expressing emotion, and conveying his sense of the world.
This Baltimore-Nigerian native makes art to release stress and express creative thoughts and random ideas. He also appreciates creation; making an image from a thought and seeing it through to the end. His primary focus is to make the viewer look twice and appreciate it. The moods expressed might be personal or broader considering the people around him. Otherwise, Akan might want the viewer to look deeper and see the bigger picture. A tendency to bounce around concepts is evident in my work. He likes to think outside the box and expand on past pieces. A mechanical pencil and fine point pen are his tools of preference. “I love the smoothness I can capture from it, while the pen gives me the bold graphic look.”
His work has evolved from how it used to be. Before it would just be celebrities, and people of no relation to his life. Now he uses people around him as muses, creating images that get more dynamic by the day. Experimenting with drawings and photography has been his new found alternative. Building on this urban style, he plans on impacting the art world from Baltimore and beyond.

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