Ana Elisa Benavent

I paint emotions, and I paint them in colors.

Joy, love, sorrow, frustration, excitement... A warm orange red cheers up a gloomy midnight blue… A big, bold, jealous deep purple takes over… Let’s invite a bit of white to make peace.

And so these large fields of color start talking to and playing with each other, layer over layer, foundation colors under translucent colors under contrasting colors, it’s all a moving target of shapes, lines, and textures. Rolling, brushing, dripping, spattering, slathering. They all add up to tell the story. My story, your story.

I grew up in Mexico City and have lived in Alexandria, Virginia since 1999. Always exploring different forms of art on the side, I spent thee first part of my life as a marketing professional working mostly for nonprofit organizations, until formally taking up abstract art with Marsha Staiger at The Art League in Alexandria.

I have exhibited in New York and Washington DC. I am a member of the Foundry Gallery and the Washington Arts Project in Washington, DC., and of The Art League in Alexandria, VA.

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