Clara Aden

Elizabeth Omolara Adenugba also known as Clara Aden is an illustrator, story board and urban artist. She has been illustrating professionally since 1999 and eventually earned her spot as Assistant Production Manager and Art illustator, Hearts magazine. She attended Federal Technical College Yaba. She is one of the representatives of the Alumni of Hamazon ACADEMIA at the German Green Me Global film festival 2016, with the experimental short film titled "Ripple" which celebrates the theme of the festival "Ocean, Water and Life."
She is Vice President of Female Artists Association of Nigeria (FEAAN), a member of Plein Air Society of Nigeria, and Kambani Art of London, President of Beyond borders Artists Association of Nigeria (BBAAN)
She has won awards in several competitions, including at the 1999 UNFPA International poster contest (third place), Art for Fela Anikulapo-kuti 2007, Olokun festival foundation art competition (2007) and was listed among the five best visual artists at National Patroit Portraiture and Immortalisation awards (2010). She is the winner of the Global Network Research development(GNRD) freedom of expression 2015 art competition in Norway. 2nd place winner Buddy bear design 2016 art competition organised by German Embassy Abuja. The winner, Gani Odutokun award for Excellence in Art contest 2016 by African Art Resources Center. The winner, Numatville Nigeria culture art competition 2018. Beneficiary of the 2018 international artist in residency program organised by Omooba Yemisi Adedoyin Shyllon Art foundation(OYASAF) She recently collaborated on a project and workshop series "Opencity Lagos". A culmination of a year-long investigation of various interpretation of openness within the context of "mega city" of Lagos as well as number of cities across the globe. Clara Aden works in oil, pastel, acrylics her principal media is charcoal and pencil.

Artist statement

Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not, nothing is more common than unsuccessful people with talent...." Calvin Coolidge

I grew up in a country where female child exploring the world of art is regarded as peculiar or unusual. Everyone have a passion for something in life that motivates or inspire them. In my case drawing is my passion. Ever since l've been able to hold a pencil, it's been the "driving force " that keeps me going on, persistence and determination to succeed.My inspiration comes from the people and things l observe and engage with.

Realism is the main feature of my practice. My works revive images and ideas from the past and the present,? re-infusing and inserting them into a contemporary context. Faces and urban environment springs to life in pencil and oil paint,? immensed in detailed, with warm colours, the mood bring a soothing serene atmosphere.

My current body of works include a new series exploration of materials manipulation in which l combine portraiture, mixed media and integrate newspaper cuttings.
Newspaper cuttings infused and glued into my work and paint over with a dry brush painting techniques

My aim is to create something new yet familiar, artworks that generates curiosity and dialogue for viewers of all

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