David Kinney

Note on image sizes

Please note that all of the dimensions noted are nominal. As all files are in digital form they can be reproduced to virtually any size. The panoramic images have been exhibited in galleries up to 5 metres in length.


David Kinney was born in the Scottish shipbuilding town of Port Glasgow on the River Clyde, near Glasgow. He studied design at Edinburgh College of Art, but has worked as a photographer end educator for most of his life.
His practice is particularly inspired by the intellectual advancements of the enlightenment. The period spawned a resurgence in critical thinking, reasoning and freedom to act without the constraints of dogma. The values we treasure in education and creative practice today have their routes in this period and provides the visual stimulus which inspires much of his output.
The recurring themes in his work revolve around Colour Theories, Optics, Neo-classical Architecture, Topographical Art, Modernism and Consumerism. Often focusing on the conservation of the built environment, some projects explore our architectural heritage from ancient Rome to post war modernist iconography.
David is currently working on new projects while teaching photography to students in Moscow, Russia.

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