David Labrozzi

David Labrozzi is an artist working in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan region of the United States. His work has been shown and awarded in a number of shows both local and national.

Mr. Labrozzi attended Virginia Commonwealth University from 1990-1993. He received his BFA from VCU in 1993. His major was illustration. In 2010 Mr. Labrozzi received his MFA from University of Hartford, Hartford Art School. Soon after this he began teaching part time as an adjunct faculty of University of Maryland, University College in Adelphi, MD.

From 1993-2013, Mr. Labrozzi worked in the capacity of illustrator and graphic designer. While continuing his personal work in parallel with this career, Mr. Labrozzi participated in and received a number of awards for his work—both in communication and fine arts.

Mr. Labrozzi’s gallery work from 2008-present has been centered around the subject of perceived motion on the static picture plane. More information on this may be found in Mr. Labrozzi’s artist statement. He pursued this subject as his thesis during his MFA at University of Hartford. His thesis provides insight into some of his early discoveries.

As his formal move toward gallery work is more recent in his career, Mr. Labrozzi would be considered an emerging artist at this stage. His current works are meant as a social form of art. This stems from his background in the communication arts as well as his feeling of the need for works to be inclusive to the broadest audience.

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