fabiola addamo

At first, my artwork takes places in my imagination or in my dreams. Rather than planning my drawings, I allow lines to subconsciously come together to form a visual perception of reality.

My artwork translates abstract concepts into surrealistic, playful and colorful geometries. I like to deconstruct and re-imagine the philosophy of love, the transcendental interpretation of reality and the human psyche in dreams.

My life without art would not be worth living even another breath. My artwork manifests my true freedom of mind.

A native of Italy, Fabiola studied classical piano performance and obtained a degree from the Conservatory of Music Vincenzo Bellini. She then moved to the U.S. in 2001 and attended San Francisco State University obtaining a degree in Italian.

Fabi’s passion for painting grew out of a dream (Aug 8, 2010) inspired by her father. She literally woke up and started sketching. Shortly thereafter, she started attending the Art Gallery of Fine Arts of Susan Miller in San Francisco to master oil painting and other techniques.

She paints because she thinks in images and could not imagine life without colors. She also enjoys painting her dreams and visual thoughts.

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