Wonjune Kim

First time I took a photo was when I was 16. Then on, I have explored creative side of mine in images, words, drawing and sound. I circled back to images of my view of the world which I am constantly curious of. I believe my photos reflect unknown and known side of myself that I am enjoying exploring.
I have printed, exhibited and sold my works in numerous occasions. While my journey goes on, I hope to find people who enjoy the same.

My word on the latest exhibit, "ENVELOPES."
The artistic drive was to express images beyond this physical world. Many dots become a line. Multiple lines of depth, width and height create space. Then, my thought is that the multiplication of one image may allow us to glimpse at the look of higher dimensional space.

Layering and rotating one image multiple times, I have depicted a new image that expresses a new world, new views from the higher dimension.
It created surreal, dreamy or interlaced looks.

What envelopes the world we live in may be seen this way. There are plants, animals, nature and man made objects in details. Yet as these images are seen from a distance, they become simple images with powerful impressions. Our physical world with all kinds of stories might be simply all enveloped and viewed this way. Therefore, I hope you can carefully enjoy how my stories are enveloped. At the same time, as envelopes can have so many different letters in it, each image of ENVELOPES is ready to have your own stories.

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