Hasna Sal

Hasna identifies herself as a raconteur; bringing to light stories that are overlooked or forgotten or uncomfortable. Sharing these stories creates awareness of the problem, which in turn facilitates the platform for conversations and resolutions to take place. Color, light, and Social Awareness are the focus of her work. She concentrates on social reform through the application of color and light in her narrative sculptures. The phenomenological responses to layers of filtered light and shadow in the environment is her rhetoric.
Hasna Sal, an Architect by profession, is a U.S. Citizen who pursued education in India, Middle East, UK and the USA. Hasna studied fine art in England and Wales. She then relocated to Boston, Massachusetts, completing a five year NAAB-accredited professional degree program in architecture. In 2002, Hasna relocated to Kansas where she worked as an architect and taught design studio at the University of Kansas. Here she confronted a new frontier—the craft of glass sculptures. Since 2004, Hasna had been sculpting glass in various shapes, forms and sizes. In 2010, she was accepted into Harvard for a postgraduate degree in landscape architecture, where she gained a greater understanding for the natural world. She translates her observations into sculptural forms.

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