Kathleen Mahoney

My work is primarily conceptual with elements of abstraction and minimalism incorporated into it. I use these elements to destroy the traditional definitions of abstraction and minimalism by taking my abstract paintings, cutting them up and reassembling them in a new way. I achieve the result by utilizing oil paint, acrylic paint, metal mesh and canvas, which I fuse into one surface. My goal is to create an abstract canvas utilizing oil sticks and acrylic paint, combining two opposite elements, them to create an expanse of color and texture. Then I weave them to create a checkerboard with metal mesh or paint the mesh to the canvas. Others are left as is and stretched.

My finished paintings are focused on colour, stroke, and texture as well as utilizing squares of metal mesh, found objects, and weaving of bands of cloth into a minimalist grid. This combination and juxtaposition of expressionism banded by minimal space is an experimentation that turns abstract work into something more conceptual without losing the initial feelings.

I am inspired by the art of the masters such as Rothko, DeKooning, Monet, Degas. I am inspired by the art of my 2-year old son who loves to draw on everything. I am inspired by the students I teach Graphic Design to. I am inspired by the beautiful things I see every day, from the garden on the corner to the bay in the park to the designs I see online. I love being and artist and I Iove to paint. It is a journey towards a new way of seeing.

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