inigo Garcia

Mrs&MrGarcia is a Spanish creative duo, Eva from Barcelona and Inigo from Bilbao respectively, who live in Madrid. Their individual disciplines combine design, art and literature in their work. Their latest joint project is Bright People Art,
They are large-format portraits of great people, of brilliant people, inside and out, that combine the description of external features with internal ones.

These portraits are influenced by the old canopies of the West End theaters, done with mixed media of retro materials, replaced today by digital screens. They try to be brilliant by focusing on the essentials. Not only do they shine, each piece is a mirror, that creates new identities. Whoever looks at them, will always see it differently, the light is always different as is the reflection in them: each second we change, we rebirth like our surroundings, and like the portrait in which we reflect ourselves.

We bring our interlocutor to life.

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