Natasha Bacca

Natasha Bacca is an artist and instructor based in Oregon, USA. Her work explores light, combining contemporary and archaic processes to push the bounds of conventional photography. Her work has been exhibited nationally and is featured in private, public, and corporate collections.

In 2010, Natasha was selected as the Jubelale artist for Deschutes Brewery. In November 2010, Oregon Public Broadcasting featured Natasha’s process and art works on the television series Oregon Art Beat. A US patent has been granted for the process by which Natasha creates her art.

Natasha began art studies at a young age, and has been experimenting with art processes and media ever since. She holds a MA in Education with Art Credential from Eastern Oregon University, a BA in Art from University of Oregon, and an AS in Photography from Modesto Junior College. Natasha is an adjunct art professor at Central Oregon Community College in Bend, Oregon.

Natasha states:
"During the time I was pursuing my photography based art degree I witnessed meteoric changes within the photographic world. While the once commanding darkroom was being replaced by the newest computer lab, prosperous photography businesses were closing their doors forever.
I both embraced and questioned the digital world photography was being assimilated into. I delved further into the basic concepts of photography; where it came from, what it meant, and where it was going.
Pondering the root words photo meaning light and graph meaning to write, I began exploring the concept of literally writing with light.
I developed various methods of painting using light on photosensitive paper, and designed different tools for this purpose. A US patent has been granted for the process by which I create my art.
I couple cutting edge technology with the most archaic of photographic processes, blending painting and photography, creating art with an innovative medium."

See Natasha creating her art work on Oregon Art Beat:

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