rashmi jamwal

A self taught artist, hails from the state of Jammu and Kashmir.A qualified lawyer, became a full -time home-maker post marriage. Alongside she kept pace with her inner creative urges and continued to produce work. Her practice spans over a decade. It is only recently she has started exhibiting her works. Her first exhibition was at Lalit kala academy of fine arts 2014 at New Delhi in a group show in 2013 was followed by a two artist show at Epicentre art gallery an IHC branch at Gurgaon in 2014.She has continued to paint and display her works ever since albeit intermittently. Her recent works has been curated by Artree and are on display at Crowne Plaza Hotel at Gurgaon from March till April 2016. Her recent works are mostly based on contemporary themes where the dream-like floral imagery is interwoven with the figures inspired from mythology as well as life.
Her earliest influences have been the myriad cultural exposure while growing up as a child, her father being an officer in the indian air force. Diverse -backround gave a liberated set of values and self-belief, where one is taught to define self by ‘what you do’, rather than by what you possess. A life disconnected from the trapping of setting roots, a life of a nomad, a life full of adventure. Nature and people are a constant source of inspiration as can be seen in the works. Her art form veers more towards the figurative and contemporary styles. A river-like quality, always seeking, exploring and dropping the known for the unknown, expressing beyond the confines of language is what she aspires to achieve through the works.

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