Ryan Lamfers

I am driven by my exploration of the outdoors and a belief system that has evolved from these experiences. A connection to the natural world is a trait that I have known since a young age. I inevitably have a memorable experience every time I am outdoors, some not as fanciful as others, but I am always amazed and inspired. I have ridden a motorcycle alongside two bull elk on the forest roads of the White Mountains. I have been kayaking on mountain lakes where the fog is so thick all sense of direction was lost. Rising waters were worrisome while fly-fishing in the middle of the Colorado River when the floodgates were opened upstream. Adventures such as these coupled with day-to-day life inevitably find a way into all my work.

Creating, building, and sculpting are intuitive and relate to a connection I have with the nature. The more industrious modern society has become the further we as individuals diverge from our naturally rooted instincts. I am particularly interested in the ways that man once found answers in nature and how we now turn to technology to solve problems. I am enthralled with the way objects are built and the evolution of industrialism and consumerism. I question whether we have passed the junction where there is more harm to our environment than it can purge due to our progression and this thought is a continual underlying theme in all of my work.

My work typically addresses the delicate balance between nature and industry. I create whimsical sculpture using woodworking, foundry and fabrication skills in conjunction with found objects. I utilize industrial techniques in creating my work and I find the juxtaposition between content and material alluring.

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