Sampada Agarwal

By education, I am trained as a software engineer. I am good at my job and am perceived by peers as an achiever and enabler. Being a software engineer, though, does not completely define me. I am also an artist, an accomplished singer, a dancer, a sports woman, an avid reader, a mother of two boys, and a devoted wife. My zest for life and an inquisitive nature has made me a perpetual student of life. This craving to learn and grow is an important part of who I am.

Being an artist has always been a part of my life. I grew up in a household where art was a way of life. It is now that I have realized that my mother and two elder sisters have sub-consciously cultivated my mind to absorb and assimilate various art forms since my childhood. Once my sons were older, I used my spare time to explore new folk art forms from US and India. It has been a wonderful journey of exploration, implementation, and satisfaction. Art has been the wonderful elixir that helps bring a sense of wonder and creativity in my life. Once I mastered some of the folk art forms, I found that I was able to bring it into everyday life by using different mediums like ceramic, wood, canvas, and paper. It gives me immense satisfaction when I bring my vision to fruition.

I have embraced the opportunities available to me while living in the United States by studying some American art forms - like art by Laurel Birch, Pueblo painting, and more recently, certified as an instructor in a nascent, but popular art form called Zentangle; Living outside India has not hindered me from studying various folk art forms from India, as well. This exposure to art from different continents has helped me understand that art can indeed be a bridge that helps link people from different cultural and geographical backgrounds.

Human beings are essentially the same everywhere in the world. We need to celebrate the similarities and as well as the differences in an effort to bridge the gaps created by physical and mental boundaries created by mankind.

Being the catalyst in the area of folk and tribal art forms of India is the service I want to provide locally. In the process, I am learning what I can and expanding my horizons. This will help me present a vibrant and scintillating window into India to my friends and towns-people that live outside India.

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