Vinita Karim

Born in Myanmar, educated in Sweden and the Philippines, of Indian descent – Vinita’s nomadic lifestyle takes her all over the world. The daughter of an Indian Diplomat, she has lived in India, Bangladesh, Sweden, Switzerland, Egypt and the Philippines.She channels her constantly changing surroundings into her passion for art. No matter where she goes, through her paintings, sculptures, and installations, Vinita carries with her the rest of the world.
While no image is an exact replica of any one city, she brings alive her musings of the magical elements of each place. Her abstract cityscapes invite the viewer to enter them and inhabit a world with a pure golden sky, deep reds and blues shaping a rolling sea, festively colored buildings, and a thin cloud stretching endlessly across the sky. Vinita paints her joy: the dream-like quality of her cityscapes reveals the beauty and grace she finds through both adversity and success. Every element in her paintings partakes in this celebration of life: the perfect crescent of the moon falls closer to the earth to experience the wonder, the bridges connect land and water for an unimpeded jamboree, and gold and silver foil literally adorn the landscape with festoons and decorations.
Though Vinita’s cities manifest on canvas without any specific portrayal of people, they exude a sense of warmth derived from their abundance of life and revelry. This warmth translates beautifully to her sculptures. Her “egg” series are not just beautiful shapes with ravishing colors but also represent the fascination of Life’s beginnings. To see Vinita’s art is to experience her joy and step into a world where the beauty of life shines clearly through everything you see.
With 25 solo exhibitions to her credit, her work is shown and collected around the globe. She has recently exhibited in India Art Fair, Sikka Art Fair, Dubai, Dhaka Art Summit and Asian Art Biennale.

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